Customising your team kits couldn’t be any easier with Avec Sport. Whether you’re looking to add a club crest, sponsor, team name or all of the above to your chosen kit, our easy-to-use Kit Builder is here to streamline the process of creating a personalised, professional quality football kit for your squad. From school teams and grassroots clubs to national leagues and beyond, here at Avec Sport, we deliver quality sportswear crafted from the very best materials to ensure your team looks and performs their best.

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to use our Kit Builder to fully customise your teamwear, with details on our artwork guidelines, saving your squad details for future ordering and more.

Step one: Choose your kit

The first step in creating a fully customised football kit is to pick out your chosen teamwear. From short-sleeve and long-sleeve jerseys to shorts and socks, we offer a wide range of football kits for men, women and children in a variety of colourways to match your team's signature colours. Our sportswear and leisure pieces can also be upgraded with your team customisations, so you can build a complete set for squad members to wear from training to match days.

All of our jerseys and shorts range from sizes Small to 2XL. Make sure you pick the correct size for your teamwear before following through the steps of our Kit Builder or move ahead with the following steps and save your design to your Kit Room account to fill in the sizing options later.  

Step two: Upload your logos

Once your team kit has been chosen it's time to upload your logo to our Kit Builder. Keep in mind before uploading your logos that you will only be able to use the following image formats; jpg, png or gif. If your logo is not in one of these formats and you still wish to use it, please contact us to find out how we can help.

Ideally, any logos in a “vectorised” format, such as files ending in “.eps” or “.ai” are best for our designers to work with, however, they cannot be used with the Kit Builder as they require specific software to open. In this instance, we suggest converting the file to a format suitable for the Kit Builder and passing on the vectorised version so that we can produce a more accurate representation of your logo. This is best done via a Support Ticket - simply create a new Support Ticket, select ‘artwork’ as the ‘department’ then fill in the relevant details, ensuring you include your order number and attach the logo. 

Keep in mind that in some cases when uploading your logo it will appear in a white box on the preview, if we feel the background box is not required we will create the design without this, however, if the design is supposed to be within a block just let us know. 

Step three: Get your artwork approved 

After your artwork is uploaded, it will then be digitised by our designers and sent back to you for approval. If there are any alterations to the design that you require, we will happily edit the logo and send you an updated version to get approved again. We will not begin any work on the products you have chosen with your artwork until you have fully approved it, to ensure your kit is customised to the highest standards. If we have any issues or queries with the uploaded artwork we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss. 

In some cases we may ask for proof that you are allowed to use a specific logo, specifically if it is a brand name, just to ensure copyright laws are being followed. This is standard procedure and not something to worry about. 

Step four: Choose your application types

Once you approve your chosen logos it's time to pick your application type. The two application types we offer are embroidery and heat transfer. 

Embroidery logo application

Embroidery is the most traditional way to apply your logo to your kit. Here at Avec Sport, we have been applying these in-house on our embroidery machines for over 10 years. Please note that we only offer embroidery options to club crests. Once we receive your crest we will review it and if we feel you may benefit from a heat transfer application instead we will get in contact to discuss this and the reasons with you. We carry a range of thread colours for use in embroideries, however, in some cases, we may have to use the closest fit - if this is required this will be part of the artwork approval process.

Please keep in mind that there will be a £12 setup fee applied to your order if there are any embroideries that need to be digitised so that they are compatible with the embroidery machine. There will also be a £3.95 charge per item which requires the selected logo.

Heat transfer logo application

Heat transfer application has become an increasingly popular option as it allows us to replicate more complex crests and logos with more accurate colour replication. For this process a digital print is used, meaning that designs with multiple colours, gradients and small lettering would be best suited for this process. This is also a more affordable option due to the process and time it takes to apply the logo compared to embroidery and in some cases produces a higher quality finish.

When selecting a heat transfer application, there are two options you need to choose from - single-colour or multi-colour. Keep in mind that you need to be careful with this part of the process as some designs have a ‘key line’ applied to the edge of the design or are enclosed in a box which makes it a multi-colour design.

There will be a setup fee of £12 applied to your order for the first time your logo is created, to get it in a format ready for our supplier to produce the heat-applied logo. There is then a charge of £1.95 per item which requires the selected logo for club crests. For any sponsor logos elsewhere on the item there will be a charge of £2.75 for single-colour designs or £3.25 for multi-colour designs. 

Any error or overpayments will be reimbursed if you pay for a multi-colour design but it ends up being single-colour. However, we will ask for further payment if a single-colour design is selected but is a multi-colour design. If you have any questions about this or need further support before ordering, just get in touch.

Step five: Add the final personal touches

The final step of the Kit Builder is to add any last personal touches to your team kit. This includes adding individual player names, shirt numbers and squad initials. These can all be applied to our jerseys and most of our training wear. Please note that our letters and numbers come in three colours; black, white and royal blue. 

We also offer a squad printing preview feature that you can use to get an idea of how the final design will look. Keep in mind that this digital image is for illustration purposes only.

Step six: Complete your purchase

Once you have finalised your design, add your designs to the cart and complete your purchase. If you are unsure about the design, there is also an option to save your customisations to our ‘Kit Room’ feature which you can access when logged into your Avec Sport account. This allows you to edit and preview your design at any time before finalising your personalisations.

Customise your football kit at Avec Sport

For more information on the football kits and sportswear available for your team here at Avec Sport, browse through our full collection of team kits and sportswear to find the perfect kit for your squad. If you have any questions about customising items or ordering online, simply contact us to find out how we can help.