Uploading Logos

On many of our products you will see the option to personalise your items using our easy to use KIT BUILDER, this allows you to add your clubs crest or create your own, add sponsor logos and squad printing for the personal touch. When adding logo’s through the kit builder you will be able to use the following formats jpg, png or gif. If your logo is not in one of these formats please contact us.

If you have your logo in a “vectorised” format (i.e. files ending in “.eps” or “.ai”) then this is the best format for our designers to work with, however since this format needs to be opened with specific software it cannot be used with the Kit Builder, if this is the case please use one of the compatible formats for the kit builder but if possible please pass on the vectorised version on to us as this will allow us to produce and much more accurate representation of your logo, the easiest way to send us this file is via a Support Ticket, simply create a new Support Ticket, select "Artwork" as the Department and fill in the details ensuring you fill in your Order Number and finally attach the logo. Don’t worry if you don’t have this file type as our designers will still work their magic to product a high quality logo.

In some cases when uploading your design it will appear in a white box, if we feel the background box is not required we will create the design without this however if the design is supposed to be within a block just let us know. For example below on the left is the image that would be uploaded to the Kit Builder and on the right is the final design that has been produced by our designers for approval.

Approving Artwork

All uploaded artwork will be digitised by our designers and sent back to your registered email address for approval, if any alterations are required we will send you an updated version of the artwork until the artwork is completed and approved. NO work will begin on products until you have approved the artwork. If we have any issues or queries with the uploaded artwork we will get in touch as soon as possible to discuss. Once approved and if required we will update your online logo with our approved version for future use.

In some cases we may ask for proof that you are allowed to use a logo, this usually occurs around "big" brand names and is due to copyright, if this happens please don't be offended as it is a procedure we need to follow.

Application Types


This is the traditional way to apply your logo to your items and we have been applying these in-house on our embroidery machines for over 10 years. We only offer embroidery option to club crests, once we receive your crest we will review the crest and if we feel you may benefit from a Heat Transfer application we will discuss this and the reasons with you.

All new embroideries that need to be “digitised” (the process to turn your logo in to a format the embroidery machine works with) there will be a £12 setup fee applied during your order. There is then a charge of £3.95 per item which requires the selected logo.

We carry a range of thread colours for use in embroideries however in some cases we might have to perform a closest fit, if this is required this will be part of the “artwork approval” process.

Heat Transfer

This has become an increasing popular process as it allows replicating more complex crests and logos with more accurate colour replication as the design is created by a digital print, so designs with multiple colours, gradients and small lettering would be best suited for this process. Overall it is also a less expensive option in terms of cost due to the process and time it takes to apply the logo compared to embroidery and in some cases produces a higher quality finish.

There are two options you need to choose from when selecting Heat Transfers whether the design is single colour or multi-colour, you may need to be careful with this as some designs have a “key line” applied to the edge of the design or are enclosed in a box which makes it a multi-colour design.

To prepare the logo to a format ready for our supplier to produce the heat apply logo a setup fee of £12.00 will be applied to your order for the first time the logo is created. There is then a charge of £1.95 per item which requires the selected logo for Club Crests. For Sponsor Logo's elsewhere on the item there is a charge of £2.75 for single colour designs or £3.25 for multi-colour designs. Any error or overpayments will be reimbursed if it ends up being a single colour design however we will ask for further payment if a single colour design is selected but is a multi-colour design.

Squad Printing

This allows you to add the final personal touch to your team kit and training wear. Player names and shirt numbers can be applied to playing jersey’s and squad initials can be applied to most of our training wear. We use our own letters and numbers which come in 3 colours (Black, White and Royal) which can be selected within the Kit Builder. Please feel free to use our Squad Printing Preview feature, although the image generated is for illustration purposes only.