Avec for Education

We supply a wide range of Schools, Colleges and Universities across the UK with high quality sportswear ranges that are suitable for all your requirements. Our stylish ranges can be customised to create a sports kit for a PE kit, staff uniform or a school trip which is representative of your School, College or University.

Whether you’re looking to bulk order kits for your school, college or university football team, at Avec Sport, we’ve got you covered. Enabling any educational establishment in the UK to quickly and easily order school football kits for their teams, our bulk ordering system for schools aims to make it possible to create a true team spirit and identity. Whether kits are needed for PE lessons or for schools competing in national competitions, we create premium football kits for a multitude of purposes.

What is Avec for Education?

Avec for Education makes it easy for schools, colleges and universities to order football kits with their own branding, names and sponsors. From discounts across bulk orders to exclusive access to a fully-managed online store and complete creative control, ordering our custom kits comes with a range of benefits that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

What are the benefits of ordering school custom football kits?

We understand that ordering custom football kits for large groups of students can be both time consuming and financially constraining. This is why we’ve made it our mission to allow this to be more achievable. From everyday football kits to staff uniforms and gear for school trips, our customisable kits are printed to a high standard. This allows you to order a range of smart gear that will paint your organisation in the best light. Further benefits of using Avec Sport to order school kits include:

Exclusive discounts

We can offer exclusive discounts for your school, college and university based on the number of students in your organisation. This allows members to receive a certain percentage off the suggested retail price (SRP) on all orders. 

Quick & easy 

We operate directly from our UK Head Office, Distribution and Production facility in the North East of England. Here we hold high levels of stock that are made using our state-of-the-art production facilities and equipment, allowing us to offer a quick turnaround on all individual and team orders while never compromising on quality. All our extensive collection of stock is held in the UK, with live-stock information available to access online.

Free online store

Setting up a free Avec online store is a fast and simple process. This not only helps to simplify the ordering process for your school, college or university, but also allows members to easily place orders to be delivered directly to their home address or school in a timely, hassle-free way.

Premium materials

We use premium materials to make our school team football kits which creates the perfect balance between comfort and style. Made from breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics that allow players’ to remain at a comfortable temperature and focus on the game, our kits offer a range of functional features. 

How much do our custom school kits cost?

With discounts applied depending on the number of students, the costs of our custom school football kits can vary between educational establishments. Meanwhile, the price of the gear will also depend on the level of customisation and number of pieces ordered. However, the discounts ensure that our prices remain competitive and affordable. 

Is this available for other organisations?

The Avec for education school custom kit service is aimed at educational establishments. However, this can also be used to order kits for football clubs through our Team Avec+ service. Providing they’ve met the minimum order criteria, sports clubs outside of education are welcome to use this service.

Order your custom school kit today

Whether you’re looking to sign your organisation up to this service, or you’re keen to find out more about Avec for Education, find out more today by filling in our contact form, emailing sales@avecsport.com or by calling our team directly on 01388 814800. Alternatively, you can also browse our FAQ page



We can offer an exclusive discount for your School or College based on the number of students in your organisation, this allows members to receive a % off SRP on all orders.

Fast & Easy Kit Ordering

We operate from our UK Head Office, Distribution and Production facility where we hold high levels of stock, and own state-of the-art production equipment, which allows us to offer quick turnaround on all team and individual orders.

Online Fan Store

Setting up a Free Avec Online Store allows your School, College or University to simplify the ordering process, allowing members to order online and get their sports kit delivered quickly and efficiently to the school or home address.

Stock Holding

All of our large stock holding is held in the UK , with live-stock information available online.

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