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Our “My Teams” system allows you to create multiple Teams / Squads and Kit sections within your “My Account”. By doing this you are then able to create your kit using our Kit Builder and then save your fully customised Football Kits, Goalkeeper and Training Wear to your created Kit sections ready to order later or for ease of reordering in the future.

You can also save non customised items to “My Teams” including all clothing and accessories so even if you don’t require Club Crests or Sponsor Logos all of your required items can be in one place. To view details on how to customise your football kits and training wear using our Kit Builder please click here

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View Saved Kits
Order Saved Kits


Adding Items To A Kit

  1. Add all of your required Club Crests and Sponsor Logos to your choosen item. (If required)
  2. Click "Add To Team Kit".


  3. Select or Create a "Team".
  4. Select or Create a "Squad".
  5. Select or Create a "Kit".
  6. Select which part of the kit the item relates to, Player | Goalkeeper | Training Wear & Accessories. If your item is a piece of Training Wear or Accessory it will automatically be assigned to the correct section.
  7. Click "Add To Kit".



View Saved Kits

  1. Log In to your account.
  2. Click "My Teams".
  3. Select the required Team | Squad | Kit.
  4. Click "Kit Summary".



The following page will show you all of your items you have added to the selected kit. You can also remove any saved items, as well as search for items to complete your kit or training wear.



Order Saved Kits

  1. Select the Kit you would like to order.
  2. Click "Order" for the item you would like to order. (Please see above image for example)
  3. All of the previous customisations will be applied to the order.
  4. Enter the quantities required. Click "Add To Cart".

  5. You will then be able to add Name/Number or Initials (if required)