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5-a-side Football Tips 2020/2021

The key to playing a 5 a side match well is nailing the basics. Whilst winning may require a bit of natural talent, the most important factor is knowing what you're doing and how to pull off the most effective straegies against your opposition. 

In this post, we run through eight of our top 5 a side football tips for 2020/2021, plus answer some frequently asked questions. 

Get Organised

You may think that organisation and 5 a side don’t go together, but having a team who doesn’t know what they’re meant to be doing and which position they’re playing in is detrimental to your performance. Yes, any type of plan or proposed formation may well go out of the window within the first few minutes of the match, but some basic tactics will go a long way. 


When you’re in the thick of things it’s very easy to forget to communicate with the rest of your team, and it can start to feel like every man for himself. Remember to talk to each other - if you need more cover at the back, or if someone needs encouragement, let them know. 


The key to a successful 5 a side match is defending as a team. If you lose the ball, every player should defend. Teams that all get behind the ball quickly are much harder to play against.

Conserve Energy

It can be tempting to go in all guns blazing from the first second, but it’s better to pace yourself so you have enough energy when it really counts. Solo missions chasing the opposition in their own half are a waste - always press with purpose.

Keep a player at the back

Make sure one of the team always provides cover when you attack. This will help to prevent any goals being scored on the counter attack, and will also help to organise the other defenders. 

Don't dive in

Diving in the for tackle will only allow the opposition to get past you easily. Focus your efforts on blocking shots and taking the player away from the goal. You should always be trying to put pressure on the opposing player, with the goal being to lead them to a wayward shot or pass.

Find your opponent's weakness

Players who are serious about winning will work to expose the opposition’s weak link. If you identify their weakest player, you should try to ensure they have the ball as much as possible. Leave them a little more space than you would other players, as this will encourage their teammates to pass to them. Once they have the ball, you can put pressure on them and win it back to your own team.

Take the shot on

Less players on the field means more opportunities for wide goals. If you get within 15-20 yards of the goal just take a chance and try to put it in the corner. When the opportunity arises, don’t be afraid to go for it, but if the moment has passed, it’s probably smarter to pass back. 

Is it safe to play 5 a side football?

The Covid-19 pandemic may have changed the way you play 5 a side football. Whilst restrictions across the UK certainly make playing a little more difficult in certain situations, the good news is that in the majority of the UK, you can still play outside. Current rules ban indoor gatherings of more than six people, but outside sports are still permitted. Exercise is actually encouraged as being fit and healthy improves your immune system. This also only applies to adult sports - children are exempt in this case. 

How do you win 5 a side in football?

Five aside is all about making the most of it - utilising every player, the space on the field and any opportunity that presents itself. Have some basic strategy and tactics in mind before the match, based on your opponent's strengths and weaknesses if you’ve played them before, and spot ways to get the upper hand once you’re in play. Following the eight tips above will greatly improve your chances of winning, but don’t forget to enjoy the game and give it your all.

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