Avec Sports Ultimate Pre-season Guide

The time between the end of the current season and the start of a new one can be challenging for footballers. Do you rest? Do you train harder than ever before? These are all valid questions that need consideration before building your preseason plan. Thankfully, we've created a helpful preseason guide to answer all of your FAQs during this tricky period.

Should I Rest During Pre-season?

To rest or not to rest? The answer is simple: listen to your body. As the season winds down, it’s crucial to reduce your training intensity to allow your body to recover from any injuries sustained during the season. Even if you feel in peak health, your body has likely endured some strain during the season and preseason is the ideal time to give your body the rest it needs. Saying this, you shouldn’t stop training entirely and light, consistent exercise can help to maintain your fitness levels during the off season.

How Do I Plan A Football Pre-season?

When planning a preseason for yourself or your team, consider the specific needs of the players. For younger players still mastering basic football skills, focus on skill development and introduce new drills to perfect during the preseason. For older or more advanced teams, maintaining high fitness levels and training intensity is essential even in the preseason. 

As stated earlier, planning your pre-season to build up to the competitive season is crucial. If your team is playing two fixtures a week during the competitive season, preseason preparation should have a similar intensity.

How Long Should Your Pre-season Training Last?

An important factor to consider is the length of your preseason training. The general rule of thumb is 6 weeks, shorter periods may not be sufficient for adequate preparation, while longer periods might not allow enough rest for the body. Professionals also recommend allowing a three week interval between the last game of the season and the first day of preseason to give the body adequate time to rest and recover.

When Should I Start Pre-season Friendlies?

Preseason friendlies are a crucial part of your preparation. They help gauge fitness levels, try out new tactics and build team chemistry. Start scheduling preseason after your initial fitness and skill phase, typically around the third week of your preseason. This timing ensures players have regained enough fitness and sharpness to benefit from the competitive play.

We hope that you found our guide helpful, and remember, hard work always pays off!

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