Avec x LOCAL: Retro Kit Collab

Avec is thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with LOCAL, a renowned coffee shop in Jesmond, Newcastle. Known for its reputation as one of the best coffee shops in the North East of England, LOCAL has long been a favourite destination for coffee enthusiasts in the region. 

Several months ago, LOCAL approached us with an exciting idea: to create a unique retro shirt for their staff and customers. After months of close collaboration with our graphic design team, LOCAL’s new shirts have finally come to life!

If you've ever visited LOCAL, you might be familiar with Baxter, the beloved cat who enjoys lounging and greeting customers on Acorn Road. Inspired by Baxter, the badge on the shirt reflects his charm and adds a personalised feel to the shirt whilst our Classic Shade Jersey in White/Black perfectly captures that vintage retro look.

Head over to localncl.com or visit their store on Acorn Road, Jesmond to get your hands on their new retro jersey.

If retro is your ID, make sure to contact us on 01388 814800 and speak to one of our team about creating your own set of retro football kits!