Best Football Bags for 2023

Any athlete who plays sports competitively knows that the equipment they use impacts their performance. Whether that effect comes from comfort, support, or organisation, having a full kit is essential. It’s very rare to see players of any sport without their trusted equipment bag, and football is no different. 

No matter if you’re a professional footballer or are just getting started in playing football competitively, you’ll be required to travel to different venues for training and match days and will need to transport your equipment and kit. If you’re looking to invest in a football bag to carry all of your items, you’ll want one that’s comfortable, sturdy, and convenient. To help advise you on which bag might be best for you or your team, and aid you in your decision, we’ve compiled some of our best football bags for 2023. Keep reading to discover more about why a football bag is necessary for competitive players.

Do you need a football bag? 

If you’re looking to get into football, you may be wondering if a football bag is a necessary item, and the answer to this question depends on your situation. If you are an individual who plays the sport on a casual basis every now and then with a few friends, then you’ll probably manage without a football bag. However, if you are hoping to play more competitively, then it is highly recommended that you have one to make transporting your kit and equipment easier. If you are a football coach or manage a team, having a football bag will be necessary to transport your training equipment and team kit to the pitch.

It is also important to recognise that football bags are not only useful for transporting your kit and training equipment, but also for protecting them from the elements. Considering that many games are played outdoors, and training sessions usually take place on sports fields without any shelter, your items will be subject to all kinds of weather, come rain or sun. Football bags are usually made of waterproof materials to stop water from seeping through, and also to make it easy to clean when you need to put muddy materials back in the bag. So, if you want to keep your belongings dry and in good condition, you will need a football bag.

What bags do football players use? 

Frequent spectators of the sport and football fans will often see players walking around with different types of bags to transport their kit. This can range from small toiletry bags to backpacks and duffle bags. Using a larger-sized bag is more commonly seen for away games as players will need to take extra items such as additional kit, toiletries and clean clothes for off the pitch. How much equipment you’re carrying will determine the type of bag you need, and often if you’re part of a team the manager or coach will carry a team bag with essential training items or team kits.

The best football bags for 2023


For casual players, we’d recommend utilising an easy to carry style, such as the Focus Backpack. This bag is designed for anyone on the move, with padded straps to ensure comfort and compartments for organisation. The Focus Backpack has a pull-out mesh football carrier at the front, which can easily be tucked away into the zipped compartment when it’s not needed. Additionally, the zipped interior and exterior pockets keep your belongings safe whilst a dedicated water bottle holder ensures you stay hydrated and your kit stays dry. For rainy days, the backpack features wet/dry compartments to store any muddy clothes or boots, making it the perfect football bag for players of any level. 

Focus Backpack in Black £23.95

If you play more competitively and travel further afield to your matches, then you may need a larger bag such as the Focus Holdall, which has ample space for everything you might need to bring with you, including clean clothes, your kit, football boots, toiletries and any additional equipment such as goalie gloves. It’s highly likely that if you play football often, you’re going to get muddy, and if you’re playing away from home you might not always have the means to easily clean your gear. The Focus Holdall has a separate zipped bottom compartment to store any muddy boots or clothing, with an easy to clean lining. These separate compartments make it easy to stay organised and keep your clean post-match clothes away from any mud. The bag also features an adjustable strap for convenience and comfort.

Focus Navy Holdall £19.95


If you manage or coach a team, you may need to invest in different types of bags, as you’ll need football team kit bags and football equipment bags. Whilst the above are suited for individual team members, they aren’t large enough to carry the equipment needed for a whole team or coaching session. For example, if you want your team to practise specific ball skills before a competitive match, you will need to bring more than one football to the training session. For easy transportation, you will require a football carry bag. Our large sized football bag can hold up to 10 balls and is secured with a drawstring for easy access. The retractable over-the-shoulder strap comes with padding to ensure comfort while carrying. 

Large Football Bag £14.95 & Black Team Roller Bag £39.95

In addition to this, you’ll also likely need at least one team roller bag. No matter how skilled your team members are at football, you may find that some of them aren’t as skilled in the art of organisation. If you have a specific team kit or colour that your players are required to wear on match day, it’s a good idea to bring it in the team bag to make sure that everyone has exactly what they need on the day. A roller bag is also extremely useful for storing and transporting training equipment, such as dribbling cones, resistance bands, agility ladders, hurdles, and passing arcs. Carrying this equipment in backpacks and duffle bags can quickly become uncomfortable due to the weight, and is inconvenient. A roller bag offers an efficient way to transport heavy equipment, with 4 side zip compartments for additional storage and organisation. Furthermore, a roller bag will protect your equipment from general wear and tear caused by the elements and, as it can quickly become costly to have to replace damaged equipment, it’s best to prevent this damage from occurring by utilising a specially-designed equipment bag.

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