Best Football Socks for 2023

Though an essential piece of kit that offers many practical benefits, football socks often don’t seem to carry the same excitement as picking out a brand new pair of football boots or a jersey.  As a result, they can often be overlooked in the process of completing a kit. However, if you’re looking to improve your athletic performance, they are just as important as your other equipment and therefore should be treated as such.

Football socks are vital to ensuring you have a solid point of contact between your foot and shoe, reducing the amount of friction and movement, as these can cause discomfort and even affect your ability to perform well during games. To help you understand all the benefits of football socks and leg sleeves, we’ve created this guide which outlines their purpose and details why they’re better than regular socks. Alongside this, we’ve also listed our recommendations for the best football socks of 2023.

What are football sleeve socks? 

If you’ve been spectating football, or any other sports for that matter, you may have noticed the players wearing long socks that cover the shin, right up to the knee. These are known as football sleeve socks, or leg sleeves, and aren’t your typical sock. Their long length is because they’re footless and are designed to be worn over your regular football socks. When paired with grip socks, sleeve socks can make a dramatic difference to your performance. 

Football sleeve socks present numerous benefits. Firstly, they can be used to help secure shin guards in sports to protect the area from injury. More commonly though, they are used for compression. This helps to increase blood flow within the legs, bringing more oxygen to the muscles and reducing recovery time and soreness which makes them ideal for long games. The increased blood flow also works to reduce injury, where the length of the sock can protect players from turf burns and grazes when tackling or if they slip. 

Due to advancements in technology and materials, an increasing number of players are choosing to wear leg sleeves, pairing them with non-slip football socks for enhanced performance output. However, it’s  important to choose socks and leg sleeves that will fit you correctly, as if these are too loose they will fall down, while blood flow can be restricted if they are too tight.

What are the benefits of football socks? 

To get the full benefit of sleeve socks, you’ll also need to invest in some anti-slip football socks. These specialised socks can help to improve your overall athleticism and technical ability as they host a range of functional properties that can enhance your agility, ball control, and speed. 

1) Improved blood flow and circulation in the feet

As mentioned above, sleeve socks will help to improve the blood flow and oxygen in your legs, but since they’re footless, they won’t provide the same benefits for your feet. Instead, you’ll need a pair of football socks to do this for you. Improved circulation means reduced swelling and soreness, allowing you to play longer and perform better. This is especially important in the winter when you’ll need to get your blood flowing faster and prepare your body for playing in colder temperatures.

2) Improved ball control

Football grip socks are designed to prevent your feet from sliding around inside your shoes. They provide better traction during movement, including when tackling, passing, or during any other manoeuvre. The grip enhancement allows you to create a better and more stable connection in order to have more control over your feet, and by extension, the ball. 

3) Football socks reduce injury and discomfort

Building upon the last two points, football socks are essential for reducing the chance of injury and blistering. Many players will experience nasty blisters as a result of the friction created by their feet sliding around inside the shoe. Football grip socks will reduce this unwanted movement to stop blisters from forming, whilst also providing ankle and foot support. By creating a more solid point of contact with your boot and the ground, football socks reduce the chance of you losing your footing and sustaining an injury.

4) Improved air circulation

Football socks are specially designed to minimise sweating, despite the extra warmth and padding they provide. Of course, they won’t eliminate perspiration completely, but they will help to keep your feet cool and dry compared to a regular pair of socks. This is because they’re made from more breathable materials that work to increase air circulation within the sock. Reducing excess moisture means that you’ll be kept comfortable for longer.

5) Football socks are durable and reinforced

Most football socks offer cushioned padding in the toes and heels, as these are high-impact areas when playing sports. They’re also designed to be extremely durable and withstand continuous rigorous movement and exercise. If you were to play football in regular socks, you’d likely find that not only will your feet slip around inside your shoes, your feet will be sore and your socks will wear down very quickly. Holes in socks will cause uncomfortable blisters, not to mention burning a hole in your pocket when you have to continuously replace your socks. This is why football socks are designed with long-lasting durability and optimum comfort in mind.

What are the best grip socks for football? 

By investing in a good pair of football socks, you can elevate your ability to a professional level. It may be beneficial for you to have a few different options to cater for training sessions, match days, and for use in other sports or exercise. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best football socks that are designed to bring support and improve performance output.

Classic football sleeve socks

Our Classic football sleeve socks are available in four different colour options to help create an all-round professional feel. Essential for match days, the quick dry fabric can keep you warm and dry with a secure ribbed ankle and stretch roll top. The practical design is suitable for beginners and experienced players alike, helping  improve blood flow and reduce injury. The socks provide enough stretch to be worn over shin pads when required without losing their shape. Sleeve socks can be used at any time to utilise the benefits of compression, but we especially recommend them for match days to ensure comfort and performance enhancement throughout the duration of the game.

Black Football Sleeve Socks from £5.70

Classic football grip socks

To pair with your sleeve socks, you’ll need some anti-slip football socks. Our new Classic grip socks have been meticulously engineered to offer the best performance and long lasting durability. Our AvecGrip technology reduces movement and friction to help stabilise your feet inside your shoe, preventing blisters and discomfort and improving your point of contact with the ground and football. While the mid-calf length provides additional support for your ankles and can be worn underneath leg sleeves, the cushioned sole reduces impact on the heels.

Even better, the mesh panels improve air circulation to reduce excess moisture and regulate the temperature of your feet. These grip socks are an essential item for the pitch, and would also be beneficial when used in training drills for ball control. Some players prefer the low ankle socks combined with sleeve socks as opposed to one piece socks, as this can help to relieve pressure on the calf muscles. 

Classic white grip socks £6.70

Pro hoop socks

Our premium hooped football socks are ideal for those who want the benefits of leg sleeves and football socks, but in one singular garment. Available in three different striped colourways, the pro hoop socks bring a traditional and professional look to your football gear. The hooping provides increased ventilation for the feet and leg, whilst the reinforced heel and toe adds some extra durability to high wear areas. The elastane stretch roll top prevents the sock from slipping, working alongside the ripped ankles which offer further support. 

Pro hoop sock in Green from £4.95

Classic team football socks

A kit essential, the classic team football socks have been crafted with comfort and support at the forefront of their design. We recommend using these football socks for everyday training, not only will this help to enhance your performance, but you’ll also be protected against turf burn and benefit from reduced soreness after intense sessions. It’s best to have dedicated training socks to keep your team kit in top condition ready for match days. The reinforced soles and toes will ensure optimum comfort and durability, so they can be used time and time again.

Classic team sock in grey from £4.95

Complete your kit with Avec Sport

A complete kit is essential for a professional look and quality performance output. If you want to get the most out of your activewear, browse our teamwear kits or training wear to find a wide range of high-performance pieces designed to offer unmatched comfort and breathability. 

No matter if you’re in need of multi-pack training socks for everyday exercise, bodyfit clothing for layering, or accessories for carrying your kit between games, you can rely on Avec Sport to provide you with everything you need to complete your workout wardrobe and match day attire.