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FIFA 22: The best and worst kits for your Ultimate Team

A highlight of the football season for many fans, including all of us here at Avec Sport, seeing brand new home, away and third kits for teams across the world is a time for excitement. Not only does it allow us to refresh the way we support our team and add new designs to our collection of favourite kits in person, but, with the arrival of FIFA 22, we also get to try out the best 2021/22 kits in our Ultimate Teams.

Whether you’re looking for your final kit to add to your Ultimate Team’s list or are still wading through the huge collection on offer, narrow your search by taking a look through our lists of the best and worst kits for your Ultimate Team below. 

Best FIFA 22 kit designs

Ranging from classic clean-cut patterns which never fail to impress all the way to dynamic out-there design choices, there have been some real stand-out kits this year. While there are many honorable mentions to make, including the snakeskin Inter Milan home kit and electric Arsenal third kit, the 2021/22 kits making our FIFA Ultimate Team belong to Kaizer Chiefs, VfL Bochum and Club América.

Kaizer Chiefs Away Kit

While Kaizer Chiefs FC may have missed the mark on their somewhat messy geometric-designed home kit, their away kit is truly something to marvel at. Featuring an all-black base with subtle lined detailing and overlaid with dynamic gold fissures, this kit pays homage to their South African heritage through the bold patterns and colours while never losing an overarching modern style.

VfL Bochum Home Kit

Moving away from the bold, dynamic designs of South Africa’s Kaizer Chiefs, we find the simplistic, classy pin-stripes of Germany’s VfL Bochum. Designed with a deep blue base which sets the tone for this sophisticated home kit, and overlaid with simple thin white stripes on the jersey, we’re confident that this clean blue design will be added to many Ultimate Teams this year. 

Club América Home Kit

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Unique and interesting without being garish, Club América’s home kit continues their long tradition of designing stunning kits. Primarily yellow, their home jersey features navy sleeves and an aztec design in a sunrise-red gradient. Even with a large amount of space taken up by sponsors across the front and back of the jersey, this is undoubtedly one of our top FIFA 22 kits to look out for.

Worst FIFA 22 kit designs

For every culture-inspired Kaizer Chiefs jersey, every classy VfL Bochum kit and every unique Club América jersey, there will always be some clubs who miss the mark with their designs. If you’re busy building your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and want to go for daring patterned jerseys, we’d recommend staying away from these next three.

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Too blocky to be classic and too bright to be sleek, FC Barcelona’s home kit is not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Two-toned from jersey to socks, the overall appearance of the half blue and half garnet kit is overly busy, with lines and blocks going in too many directions to be cohesive. Unfortunately, even though we respect the mission to change up the kit and experiment with new patterns, this one didn’t quite work out.

SpVgg Greuther Fürth Home Kit

Sporting their traditional green and white club colours, with white used as the base, SpVgg Greuther Fürth’s home kit for 2021/22 offers a fresh, clean feeling which is, disappointingly, ruined by the confusing ‘hexacamo’ pattern that dominates the kit. Resembling a weird mix of holly leaves or green bats, many of us were stumped by this unusual half-camo design when it was first announced back in summer 2021, and we’re sad to say it hasn’t really grown on us since then.

Tottenham Hotspur Away Kit

Loved by some and hated by others, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Spurs’ vibrant away kit in some FIFA Ultimate Teams, though it wouldn’t make our own. Featuring a painted, swirling galaxy design that is busy enough on the eye without the neon yellow accents on the shorts and jersey, we can’t help but feel as though they went a little too far with this loud design.

Best FIFA 22 kit colours

Even with bold designs and striking patterns, a kit is nothing without an equally impressive colour scheme. This 2021/22 football season, we’ve seen everything from muted colours to neon wonders hit the pitch, and a few kits in particular have caught our attention. If you’re looking to add some well-coloured kits to your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, you can’t go wrong with these picks from Paris Saint-Germain, AFC Ajax and Seattle Sounders FC.

Paris Saint-Germain Away Kit

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Classy and subtle without being boring, Paris Saint-Germain’s away kit is the perfect example of how well muted tones can be used in a football kit. Featuring a white base across all components of the kit, this sophisticated style is enhanced with soft pink and contrasting black on the jersey. 

AFC Ajax Third Kit

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In the AFC Ajax third kit, we see exactly how to put a bold colour scheme to good use. Not dominated by a pattern on the jersey, all the interest in this black-based kit comes from the green, gold and red accents. Designed as a tribute to the legendary Bob Marley, the colours are a nod to his Jamaican heritage and reggae music. To finish off the design, there’s even subtle detailing on the back of the jersey, as three little birds feature alongside Amsterdam’s Andreas crosses.

Seattle Sounders FC Away Kit

Another tribute kit that many fans celebrated this year, the away kit of Seattle Sounders FC is fondly known as ‘the Jimi Hendrix kit’. A Seattle native, the kit honours Hendrix through the bold purple tones and orange and yellow accents. Even the pattern, a psychedelic, ink-like swirl, is a reference to his love of the unique, late 60s style. It’s this type of personal design which makes a kit something special, not just by standing out in a crowd of well-designed kits, but by tailoring it to the club’s local history.

Worst FIFA 22 kit colours

In past years, we’ve seen clubs go all out with colour schemes across their home, away and third kits, ending up with clashing, loud colours that are just too busy to belong on a professional pitch, or any pitch for that matter. This year, however, the recurring kit design issue we’ve picked up on is a complete u-turn - they’re just… boring. If you’re looking to make a colourful statement with your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, we’d recommend avoiding these lackluster 2021/22 kits.

CA Osasuna Third Kit

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Of the three kits belonging to CA Osasuna, it’s not hard to guess which has found itself on our list of the worst coloured kits for 2021/22. An almost offensive shade of pink, the CA Osasuna third kit takes standing out on the pitch to an unnecessary level. Simultaneously too bright and too boring, there’s little to counteract or balance out the bold pink, leaving a plain kit that is unlikely to find its way onto many Ultimate Teams. 

Liverpool FC Third Kit

We’ve loved many Liverpool FC kits over the years but this time around it's hard not to be a little disappointed. Their home kit, a red-on-red jersey with plain diagonal stripes that narrowly misses the ‘classy’ classification, instead comes across as a bit boring. Even this, however, remains preferable when compared to the garish third kit. Sporting a yellow base with checkered red accents, the colours used in Liverpool’s third kit are a little too reminiscent of McDonald’s - and fans have noticed.

Borussia Monchengladbach Away Kit

When designing a kit, most teams will try to go for the most common themes of classy or bold. Of course, not every team gets it right, as we have seen, but even when a kit misses the mark there’s usually something of interest. When it comes to the Borussia Monchengladbach Away Kit, however, we can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed. Patternless and plain, the olive colour scheme of this away kit does nothing to add to the already boring base. Overall, this is, unfortunately, one of the most forgettable kits we’ve spotted this year.

Our Favourite FIFA 22 Kit

This year, we’ve watched in wonder and appreciation as clubs all across the world have released their eye-catching home, away and third kits. Here at Avec, however, there can be only one winner for the best kit to have for your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: the Bradford City AFC 2021/22 home kit.


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Designed by our very own team here at Avec, the bespoke Bradford City home kit takes inspiration from the club’s successes 40 years ago in the 1981/82 season. Known as the ‘A Story Retold’ kit, the bold claret and amber stripes across the v-neck collar and shoulders mirror the design of the original kit worn in that historic season. For long-time Bradford City fans, past players and dedicated newcomers, this kit celebrates the impressive history of the club and pays homage to everyone who helped them reach that point.

Step onto the pitch and make a statement with our favourite FIFA 22 Ultimate Team kits this year. Got your own team to represent? Design your own kit by picking out your favourite base kit online at Avec Sport before customising it with your team crest, sponsor logos and player details.