FIFA 23: The best and worst kits for your Ultimate Team

A highlight of the football season for many fans, including all of us here at Avec Sport, seeing brand new home, away and third kits for teams across the world is an exciting time for everyone. Not only does this allow us to refresh the way we support our team and add some fantastic new designs to the collection of our favourite kits in person, but, with the recent arrival of FIFA 23, we’ll also get to try out the best 2022/23 kits in our Ultimate Teams.

Whether you’re looking for your final kit to add to your Ultimate Team’s list, or you’re still searching through the huge collection of brand new FIFA 23 kit designs on offer, read on as we help to narrow your search by compiling some of the best and worst kits for your Ultimate Team below. 


Best FIFA 23 kit designs

Ranging from classic clean-cut patterns, which never fail to impress, all the way to dynamic, statement-making design choices, the new season has witnessed some strong contenders. While there are many iconic FIFA 23 kits, the 2022/23 kits making our FIFA Ultimate Team belong to Nottingham Forest, Arsenal, and Bohemian FC.


Nottingham Forest Third Kit

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Returning to the Premier League for the first time in over 20 years, since their last appearance in the 98/99 season, Nottingham Forest have returned in style and won us all over with the launch of their third kit for FIFA 23.

Featuring a faded light blue and pink zebra stripe design that provides a stylish contrast against the navy blue backdrop, this bold and creative take for the 2022/23 season has made them one of our favourite FIFA 23 kit designs. In a unique twist, a sponsor also hasn’t appeared on their shirt, which is increasingly rare in modern day football, and will no doubt contribute to the popularity of this stunning kit.


Arsenal Away Kit

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Moving away from the vibrant design of the Nottingham Forest third kit, Arsenal has added a smart, minimal twist to their FIFA 23 away kit. Designed in a subtle geometric pattern, where designers have cleverly used the black and light grey tones to their advantage, this simple yet effective design should get all the credit it deserves. Featuring stunning bronze highlights, which are evident in their club and sponsor logos, the shirt leads the way in both authority and formality, making it a top contender for the best FIFA 23 kits.


Bohemian FC Away Kit

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As part of a collaboration with the Bob Marley Foundation, Bohemian FC have managed to secure the rights to use the iconic reggae legend Bob Marley on their home kit. Thanks to their efforts in securing these rights, which were for a photo of Marley that commemorates his final outdoor gig at Dalymount park, Ireland (the clubs’ home ground) in 1980, their FIFA 23 away kit design has been incredibly successful among fans of the singer and football club alike. Complete with a contrasting rainbow stripe that coordinates with the sleeves, it’s easy to see why this kit is a top choice for a FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.


Worst FIFA 23 kit designs

For every culture-inspired Bohemian FC away jersey, every smart Arsenal away kit, and every dynamic Nottingham Forest Third Kit, there will always be some clubs who miss the mark with their designs. Although this can happen to even the best of us, if you’re busy building your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and want to go for daring patterned jerseys, we would recommend finding some alternative kits to the following three options.


Juventus Home Kit

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Sporting their traditional black and white colours with a smart black geometric pattern against a white backdrop, there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple and organised. However, it seems that the perfect balance between bold and simple that they may have been trying to achieve has been marred slightly by the lightning bolt design the team have used in their sponsor logo. 

Confusing and slightly disorientating to look at, there has been an unfortunate clash between the lightning bolt designs and geometric patterns on the team’s home shirt. Resembling an unusual combination of patterns, many of us were left stumped by this unusual design when it was first announced in May 2022, and we’re sad to say it hasn’t really grown on us since then.


Chelsea Home Kit

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Incorporating all appropriate colours and sponsors, this kit does the job, but we’re afraid to say that, unfortunately, it doesn’t go much further. Although minimal approaches in designs regularly pay off, not much creativity seems to have gone into the plain and slightly underwhelming Chelsea Home Kit, which makes it one of our least favourite kit designs for the 2022/23 season.


Atletico Madrid Home Kit

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While the Atletico Madrid Home Kit won’t go unnoticed, the prevailing opinion is that its bold red wavy stripes against the white, which are cut off near the shoulders by normal stripes going lengthways, seem a little over the top, and are simply too much to look at. Although we appreciate teams going above and beyond to design a creative and playful kit that will stand out from the crowd, we feel that this time, Atletico Madrid may have been a little too adventurous with their design.


Best FIFA 23 kit colours

Even with bold designs and vibrant patterns, a kit is nothing without an equally impressive colour scheme. This 2022/23 football season, we’ve seen everything from muted colours, to neon wonders hit the pitch, and a few kits in particular have caught our attention. If you’re looking to add some well-coloured kits to your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you can’t go wrong with these picks from Venezia, Burnley and Southampton. 


Venezia Home Kit

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Classy, subtle, and most of all smart, the Venezia Home kit is the perfect example of how bold, bright colours can be used to make a statement against darker colours. Featuring a black base, the club colours are showcased in bold stripes on the collar of the shirt, providing a contrast that leads the way in style. Built on sophistication, the addition of the gold highlights, which is also a club colour, only add more class to this sleek FIFA 23 kit.


Burnley Third Kit

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Providing an energetic take on kit designs, at first glance, the Burnley Third Kit shirt appears to feature lightning bolts. However, designed to be a map of Burnley, the different coloured lines on the shirt, which lead to Turf Moor stadium, reflect the journey of clarets’ supporters on match day. But our favourite part of the kit is the way that the club's bold colour scheme has been used to creatively contrast the black. While the sponsor logo on the front of the shirt fits alongside the design and colours, blending seamlessly with the club crest and neckline.


Southampton Away Kit

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Inspired by the Southampton docks, the cartoon-like wave designs on the football shirt add character and energy to the shirt, which is enhanced by the gold outlines, along with the contrasting shades of teal and aqua. The coordination between the dark blue sponsor logo, the sleeves and neckline also help to create a more cohesive design. Both aspects make this shirt a strong contender for the best FIFA 23 kit colours.


Worst FIFA 23 kit colours

Whether clubs have gone all out with colour schemes but have ended up with clashing, loud colours that are just too busy to belong on a professional pitch, or they’ve produced a kit that’s simply too boring, there has certainly been a mix of designs this year. If you’re looking to make a statement with your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, we would recommend avoiding these 2022/23 kits.


Spezia Third Kit

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Featuring a daring pattern and an adventurous colour scheme, we can’t help but think that Spezia might have overdone it with their third kit. Designed with bold and bright colours against a harsh yellow backdrop, not only does this cause a clash, but with so much going on, it’s fair to say that you might feel a bit dazed after looking at this kit. A tad too colourful, although the kit might seem okay at first, after a while, we can see how it might become annoying.


Bournemouth Away Kit

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Feeling that they should have kept things simple, the pattern and colours on the Bournemouth away kit make the overall design of the shirt look like a summer t-shirt you could purchase at just about any clothing store, rather than a professional football shirt. Although the colours are certainly not the worst, it's possible that a simpler, or more unique take, might have looked better. The contrast between the lighter blue and darker sleeves on the shirt, too, has been criticized.


RB Leipzig Home Kit

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Although it’s possible for a chaotic design to make a great shirt, the RB Leipzig home kit appears messy, unorganised, and seems to lack any real structure. With the red splashes appearing more like an unfortunate ink spillage than a clever, intentional design, particularly against the light grey and white tones, we’ve definitely seen much stronger contenders for the best FIFA 23 kits.


FIFA 23 Kits at Avec Sport

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