A Guide to Football Grip Socks

A common issue experienced by footballers of every level and ability, the sweat from running around during matches can make the soles of your football boots slippery, meaning your socks have nothing to grip onto, rubbing against the boots and causing friction. Ultimately, this can cause a number of issues, including the increased chance of slipping over, blistering feet, as well as the material wearing away faster. However, due to their additional supportive and stable features, a high quality and reliable pair of football grip socks provide an easy solution for players that can help to alleviate some of the issues caused by a lack of grip or stability. 

From enhanced grip that reduces the chance of injury through slipping, to long-lasting wear, grip football socks are a teamwear essential that can help to improve the performance, agility and focus of the players wearing them - no matter their level of ability. Read on to discover the best ways that we recommend wearing football grip socks, as well as the main features of this essential kit piece and why these are worth investing in to help prepare you for your next game. 

How to wear football grip socks

Whether you’ve already purchased a pair of football grip socks ready for your next game, or you’ve decided to do some research prior to buying these, before you start to think about wearing them, you will first need to know the most effective way of doing so. While grip socks can be worn on their own for some other sports and activities, such as yoga, in most cases, football players wear these with other gear to help provide them with some extra protection on the pitch. To help you with this, read our steps below on the best way to wear grip socks for football:

  1. First, put the football grip socks on. 
  2. Next, put on your classic sleeve socks or cut the foot off your official team socks and put the upper part of the socks on before taping the area where they meet the grip socks. This means you won’t be covering these up and eliminating their purpose. However, make sure you ask your coach for permission before making any kit changes!

  3. Put on your football boots and head out onto the pitch. 

Do professional footballers wear grip socks?

Many professional footballers choose to wear grip socks due to the additional support they offer during matches. When worn correctly, these can help to significantly reduce the chance of players’ feet moving around in their boots and prevent any irritation or wear caused by friction. This is because football grip socks create a ‘locked in’ feel, which can help to keep your foot still inside your boots and allow you to regain control over your movements without worrying about your foot slipping around. You’ll then be able to move around freely without worry which can ultimately help to improve your performance. While, for extra security and support, professionals will usually wear these socks using the method that we’ve highlighted within the section above. 

What are the disadvantages of grip socks?

When it comes to football grip socks, with the many useful features we’ve already outlined, it’s clear to see that the benefits can often tend to outweigh the issues. However, the only real issue is that these can wear out once they’ve been used for a while. However, the durability of your grip socks can all depend on the materials used to make these. In most cases, you will usually find that good quality grip socks for football will ensure a solid grip for quite a long time to come. 

Best football grip socks

Our classic white grip socks are made with a wide range of sports in mind through using our own AvecGrip Technology. This can help to reduce the movement of your foot in your football boots, preventing friction and improving agility. Designed to be worn by players’ of all levels, these professional-style white football grip socks are packed with a whole host of practical features that allow you to stay comfortable and focussed while you’re busy out on the pitch. 

Are grip socks thicker?

One of the most important things to consider while you’re searching for a reliable pair of grip football socks is their thickness. This counts a lot towards their durability and ultimately how long they will last without wearing away. The easiest way to judge how thick your grip socks are is simply by feeling the material, but as a rough guide, cushioned grip socks have a similar consistency to other sports socks. However, those with a thinner material are often similar to everyday or lower quality socks that can be worn away much sooner, so we would recommend choosing the former. 

It’s also important to note that the sole of the sock often tends to be worn down quicker than other areas, as this is the part that experiences the most wear while you’re running around. Complete with a comfortable cushioned sole that features grip technology, this helps to significantly increase the longevity of our classic white grip socks

Football grip socks at Avec Sport

Whether you’re simply looking to purchase a high quality and reliable pair of grip socks, or you want to buy some additional socks alongside these, shop our collection of football team socks at Avec Sport. 

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