Team Avec Media Crew: New Media Studio

After a whirlwind six months, we're thrilled to unveil our state-of-the-art studio space! At the beginning of the year the decision was made to bring our media team in-house, and with that was a demand for the team to have their own studio space. The new space needed to fit the needs of both our team and the business, making sure it was suitable for photoshoots, content creation and product photography.

After months of planning and deliberation, work began on our new studio in November 2023 and was set to be completed in March 2024.

Months of hard work, the studio was completed ahead of time in February 2024, and our brand-new studio space was ready to use.

When planning for our new studio, we made sure to include several essential features, including:

- Infinity wall

- Innovative cube setup for dynamic shots

- Product photography setup 

- Advanced studio lighting

- Professional camera setup 

- Changing rooms 

- Blackout blinds 

- Elimination of trip hazards 




Once the studio was complete we embarked on a test shoot with aspiring model Jack, with the aim of experimenting and collaborating as a team to gain valuable insight into our studio's capabilities and how best to leverage the studio’s equipment for optimum results. 

Building on this foundation, we recently embarked on a two-day shoot featuring Henry and Ryan, two familiar faces from our video campaign (coming soon!). Together, our team photographed our latest collections, created engaging social media content, and produced an engaging video showcasing Avec’s Euro 2024 kit inspiration. 

Since its completion, our studio has been a hive of activity, hosting three photoshoots, a staff media day and a variety of social content creation sessions. Each of these experiences has not only showcased the versatility of the space but has also allowed us to produce new and exciting media that is currently being rolled out throughout the business. 

The rennovation was completed by SKG Joinery Services, based in Spennymoor. 

We continue to move forward, always improving, and more additions will be added to our new studio, alongside the growing of our Team Avec Media Crew department. 

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