What to Wear for Running in Winter

Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced runner, preparing to run during mild conditions can seem relatively easy. While the general rule in summer is to wear minimal gear to ensure you’re kept as cool as possible, getting ready for a run in winter can seem a lot less straightforward, requiring much more thought and preparation to ensure your body is kept at a comfortable temperature during your time outside. From rain to hail and even snow, colder temperatures bring more unpredictable - and unmanageable - weather to compete against. As well as this, the cold weather brings the need to consider that when you’re initially outside, you might feel cold but, as you start to warm up, your body temperature can soon change drastically.

From looking for winter running clothes that will keep you warm but allow enough air ventilation to reduce the risk of overheating during your run, to searching for layers that can be easily removed if you start to feel too warm, preparing for running in cold conditions is no laughing matter. However, to make the process more hassle-free, we’ve compiled a guide to get you ready for the colder weather. Read on as we discuss the most appropriate clothes for running in winter, showcasing our top picks for the colder seasons.

How should I dress to run in cold weather?

From the different kinds of layers available to more classic running clothes that can be worn year-round, such as tops, leggings and more, there’s generally a lot of gear to consider when running through the colder seasons. Particularly when it comes to potentially freezing conditions, it’s much better to over-prepare than to wish you had bought more once it’s too late. Ensuring you have the correct winter running gear, as well as some extra pieces, will help you to stay as comfortable as possible from start to finish. It’s also much safer - reducing the risk of catching mild viruses such as the cold, to more severe conditions induced by extreme temperatures, like hypothermia.

However, it can be difficult to remember everything you’ll need - which is why we have put together this convenient list of all the products you’ll need to keep you warm and comfortable while running during the winter. A useful guide to refer back to before heading out to face the elements - this can be used as a checklist to make sure you’re fully prepared before your winter run.

  • Running Trousers or Leggings - Gear up with some snug-fitting but well-ventilated trousers or workout leggings. The correct options should allow you to move freely while keeping your legs warm during cold conditions. It’s important to choose proper workout trousers or leggings, while avoiding materials like cotton, which can absorb moisture and make you feel damp and uncomfortable. Instead, opt for a quick-drying material that will move all the sweat away from your body to ensure optimum performance and comfort. 
  • Waterproof/Water-Resistant Running Jackets - When searching for a running jacket, it’s best to choose one that has either waterproof or water-resistant features, and a hood is an absolute essential, so you can be prepared to face whatever the colder seasons decide to throw in your direction. When looking for a suitable jacket, you should also consider opting for one that features an well-insulated inner lining for added warmth. 
  • Running Gilets - The ideal lightweight piece for milder winter days or the transitional seasons, running gilets are a great option for layering over long-sleeved running tops or hoodies. But these should still provide some insulation and, much like a running jacket, the material should be waterproof/water-repellent to prepare you for harsher weather.
  • Overlays & Base Layers - Whether you prefer an overlay, base layer, or both, these simple-yet-useful layers can go a long way. Best for when you feel you’re in need of an extra hint of warmth without overdoing it, these cold weather running clothes can easily be layered over, or under, your other workout gear, while being appropriately ventilated so that even when you warm up on your run - there is much less chance of overheating.
  • Long or Short Sleeve Running Tops - It’s best to have both long and short sleeve running tops at the ready, whether you’re placing a short sleeve top over a base layer on a mild day, or fully gearing up to head out on a colder day and are wearing a long sleeve top under an overlay, it’s best to be prepared for all eventualities. But no matter how many layers you wear, these should generally be lightweight, warm and breathable.
  • Running Hoodie - If you find that it’s too cold for lightweight layers during your run or warm up and need a more reliable, insulated layer to help prevent you from getting the chills, a hoodie provides the perfect solution. A versatile piece, you can wear this under a gilet, or running jacket, to avoid catching a cold from low temperatures. 

What to Wear for Running in Winter

As a general rule, one of the most challenging components to balance when running in winter, particularly for beginners, is to understand what you’ll need to stay warm when you first leave the house, compared to when you’re running. One of the most useful tips for running in cold weather to combat this is to do a warm up at home beforehand. This can help you judge what you’ll be most comfortable wearing once you start running and working up a sweat. However, to make the decision process easier, we’ve suggested some top picks for the cold weather running clothes you’ll need for a fulfilling workout.

Cold Weather Running Clothes


Women’s Winter Running Clothes

Crafted in a standard fit, this sweat top is ideal for layering over and under other winter running gear. Whether you’re looking for an overlay to place under a waterproof jacket during freezing temperatures, or you’re searching for one to layer over a t-shirt during milder conditions, this multi-use women’s sweat top (which is also available in men’s and junior sizes) can be worn in a wide range of outdoor conditions. Made in the classic winter colours, navy and black, this running overlay is designed to increase focus and comfort through the lightweight stretch fabric that allows for enough ventilation and enables you to move freely.

Featuring a tight and secure fit that still enables a comfortable feel while allowing for sufficient movement, as well as providing enough support around your core, our women’s running leggings are the perfect piece of winter running gear for when it’s just too cold for shorts. Leading the way in style and comfort, these leggings are finished with stylish contrasting Avec branding. This running wear essential is also made from a sweat-wicking material that dries quickly to avoid causing discomfort through a build up of sweat, which makes these a highly practical solution.


Men’s Winter Running Clothes

The perfect piece to wear during mid-late autumn, or through mild winter days, our men’s running gilet makes for easy and lightweight layering, while you still receive that added hint of insulation through its comfortable inner lining. Ideally, this should be placed over a long sleeved top or hoodie, and the full-length zip allows you to have as much or as little coverage as you need on a particular day. Featuring a water-repellent fabric, rest assured that you’ll be prepared for all conditions when wearing this gilet, staying both dry and comfortable during your workout. 

The perfect addition to your running gear, our men’s base layer can be sported underneath a t-shirt or a long sleeved top. A running essential that will last through winter and the transitional seasons, the men’s underlayer is ideal for providing that small amount of additional protection from the cold weather. However, once you’ve started running and begin to warm up, the vented back allows for increased ventilation and breathability, which will help you to stay cool for longer. 

Featuring a soft stretch fabric, these highly moveable trousers enable you to move freely, no matter how intense your workout. Perfect for winter, our men’s running trousers are crafted from a long-lasting and durable fabric, making these ideal for facing the elements when heading out on a run. While the lightweight material and premium comfort offered by this sleek piece of running gear will help to elevate your performance, the elasticated waistband and concealed drawcord will provide the ultimate, secure fit. 


Unisex Running Gear

Providing ultimate protection from snow, rain and hail during cold conditions, you won’t want to forget our unisex water resistant jacket to accompany you during your run, which features a well-insulated inner lining. If you find you’re getting too warm during the run, the lightweight fabric also means the jacket won’t feel too heavy - whether you decide to carry this with you for the remainder of the workout, or tie it around your waist. Perfect for keeping you shaded, the water resistant material keeps you dry, while the full-length zip enables you to personalise coverage. 

Find winter running clothes at Avec Sport

From lightweight and ventilated overlays for milder days, to well-insulated water resistant jackets for more extreme conditions, there’s something to suit runners of every level throughout the winter at Avec Sport. No matter whether you’re a beginner or professional, our comfortable and long-lasting collection of clothes for running in winter provide the perfect solution for keeping you warm while running during the colder seasons. If you’re searching for some workout attire for your running group, you’re also able to customise all our running gear, so you can add individual names, or the name of your running team, to add that extra, personal touch.