When is the best time to go to the gym?

Finding time in your week to go to the gym can be a challenge but building a routine that fits with your schedule can help you form a good habit and ensure a successful workout every time. Choosing the best time to go to the gym all depends on your personal schedule and which time of day you usually feel most motivated to workout.

It’s important to consider what the peak times are at your gym and how this may affect your workout. People often struggle to have a successful gym session at peak times, as there are queues for gym equipment and the crowded space can feel uncomfortable. For others, going at peak time may serve as motivation as you may enjoy the bustling, goal-driven environment. Therefore knowing when the busy times at your gym are, as well as being aware of when your body responds best to working out will help you reach your fitness goals. 

Keep reading as we discuss the key considerations to make when deciding when is the best time to go to the gym for you.

Is it better to go to the gym in the morning or at night?

There is no definitive answer to the question of whether it is better to go to the gym in the morning or at night. Ultimately, the best time to go to the gym is whenever a workout will best fit in with your schedule so that you can commit to showing up regularly. There are benefits and drawbacks to both exercising in the morning and evening, therefore picking the right time that suits your lifestyle is best. 

Many people prefer working out in the morning as it allows them to get their workout out of the way earlier in the day, allowing them time to focus on their other priorities. Working out in the morning has also been shown to have several benefits to your health and well-being, including increased metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day, lower blood pressure and increased mood, and a higher quality of sleep at night. Heading to the gym in the morning can also increase movement throughout the day as well as boost mood early on.

On the opposite side of the debate, studies have also shown that your ability to perform usually peaks in the afternoon. It is thought that working out between 2 pm-6 pm is when your body temperature is at its highest and so muscle strength, flexibility and endurance increase during this time compared to the morning. Reaction times are also thought to be quicker during this time, making it ideal for getting in HIIT workouts. 

The studies on whether an evening workout helps sleep in the same way that morning workouts do are conflicting. Some studies have shown that the raised body temperature and energy spikes may compromise sleep whereas some people believe that working out in the evening tires them out and so they sleep easier.

Ultimately, the key to succeeding in the gym is motivation, so it’s important to choose a time of day that is most convenient for you and works with your schedule and energy levels.

What time is the gym least busy?

Although having others around during your workout can help to motivate you, queueing for machinery is not ideal. Therefore, finding the times when the gym is least busy can significantly impact the success of your experience.

Most gyms cater to the needs of those who work the typical 9-5 schedule and are open early in the morning and later in the evening. Additionally, there are larger gyms that are open 24/7 which allows greater accessibility for those with unusual working schedules. In either case, there are always peak times, which is why we have listed the average busiest and quietest times to hit the gym:

Quiet times to attend the gym: 

  • 6am: This is usually the quietest time of day in the gym as it is just after it opens and before the 7am crowd arrives to exercise before work. 
  • 10am: After the typical working day has started.
  • 2pm-4pm: After lunch breaks have ended and before the work day finishes.
  • 8pm onwards: The number of people at the gym usually starts to tail off at this time after the crowds attending straight from work have finished their workouts for the day. 

Busy times to attend the gym: 

  • 7am-9am: The gym will be crowded by those who are getting in a pre-work session.
  • 12pm-1pm: This is peak time for fitting in a quick workout on their lunch break.
  • 5pm-7pm: The gym will be crowded with people working out after they’ve finished their working day.

The above times are just average guidelines, and the peak and off-peak times can vary between each individual gym. You can usually access this information directly from your own gym if you’d like to know the specific times they reach capacity. 

What time of day is best to go to the gym?

As mentioned above, figuring out the best time of day to go to the gym depends on your schedule, your preference, and the gym’s peak times. If you’re an early bird and prefer to start your day with a sweat session then heading to the gym at 6am will be best for you, as it won’t be busy and you can continue your day as normal after your workout. 

If you prefer an evening workout to relieve some stress from your day, then an 8pm gym session is likely to be the best option for you, as the gym will not be busy and you can follow your normal daily routine prior.

If you’re struggling with motivation to head to the gym, why not try joining a class if your gym offers them? In most cases, gym classes are usually included in the membership and run frequently throughout the day, including early mornings and late nights so you can get in your daily workout while avoiding crowds.

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