Youth Girls Football: Get Involved Early

From the formation of the Women’s Football Association in 1969 to England hosting the UEFA Women’s Championship in 2005, there have been countless triumphant moments in women’s football. And yet, despite the countless wins and successes made by the talented women who occupy the world of football, the number of young girls getting into youth football remains significantly smaller than the number of boys. 

In order to encourage more girls and young women to play football, we need to break the stereotypes and change the outdated views some still hold of football being a sport exclusively for males. In this post, we will shine a light on the incredible opportunities available for young girls to be involved in football and grow into talented women, as well as highlighting outstanding women who play for the England Women’s Senior Team. 

Why get involved in girls football?


There are countless opportunities available to get more young players involved in girls football, whether that be through a local club or school. With many inspiring female footballers to look up to as role models, and a wide range of benefits associated with taking part, it’s an ideal sport to get involved in from a young age. 

The benefits of girls football training


Teamwork skills 

Since football is a team sport, if played on a regular basis, it will naturally increase players’ ability to work as part of a team, which is a skill that can be applied to a range of different scenarios in school, college, future careers and more. Being part of a team will also enable girls to feel a strong sense of belonging, increasing their wellbeing and enabling them to meet like-minded friends.

Increases self-confidence 

Meeting with new people, in new scenarios and unfamiliar places can often be a little daunting for young, aspiring players. However, when on the pitch, they will be meeting new people on a weekly basis and will therefore be faced with regular interactions, teaching them to approach new situations with ease, all while learning something new. In fact, recent findings from a study conducted on over 4,000 young females reported higher levels of self-confidence in girls that play football, compared to those who don’t.

Improves wellbeing

The benefits of spending time outside on a regular basis are endless, and with girls football, players will be getting plenty of fresh air, which, according to the leading charity Mind, will work wonders for your mental health, including improvements to your mood, a reduction in stress and anger, and much more. 


Girls football role models


When getting started in girls football, it can all seem daunting, but part of the pathway to success is having some established, female role models to look up to. Luckily, there are a number of great examples of role models in women’s football, many of which play for the England Women’s Senior Team, showing that times have changed and football is no longer a male-only profession. Therefore, it’s important that young girls have an inspiring, female example to act as a motivator for success and to combat outdated gender-orientated views.

Lucy Bronze

A well-known name in women’s football, Lucy Bronze plays for Manchester City and the England Women’s Senior Team as a defender. Having won multiple awards for her outstanding skills, including becoming the first British footballer to win the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year Award in 2018 and 2019, as well as claiming the title for Best FIFA Women’s player the following year, Bronze is both an incredible right-back and an ideal role model for young female footballers to look up to. 


Millie Bright 

Another accomplished member in the England Women’s Senior Team, as well as a Chelsea FC Women’s member, Millie Bright is an exceptionally talented defender. Even when she was fairly new to the England Women’s Team, at the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017, Bright became the sole player to begin every match. Now considered a role model to countless aspiring footballers, she continues to achieve more every year.


Beth Mead

Playing as a forward for Arsenal WFC and the England Women’s Senior Team, Beth Mead made a groundbreaking entrance into the football spotlight following her achievements at the SheBelieves Cup in 2019, where she scored not one, but two impressive goals. Since joining the England team in 2018, Mead has gone from strength-to-strength, scoring an astonishing five goals in just 12 appearances, according to the FA website. At only 26, Mead has already made waves in women’s football, making her the ideal motivator for young girls. 


How to get into girls football


In their bid to improve the accessibility of girls football across all ages of the youth game, organisations up and down the country have worked together to create football centres, programmes, events and campaigns, all geared towards getting more girls involved in the sport. These clubs and activities are separated by age, helping to ensure every young football player from 5 to 16 and beyond can take part.

Weetabix Wildcats 

Great for meeting friends and, of course, getting a bit muddy while doing so, this inclusive club champions young girls aged 5-11. Perfect for first-time players, sessions take place across the country on a weekly basis, usually after school or on weekends. 

The FA Girls’ England Talent Pathway

This talent pathway enables young girls to have the appropriate coaching for their level, with the ultimate goal to produce confident, female players that could, eventually, play nationally, or even internationally. With a pathway for nearly every age, the National Talent Camps support U14s and U15s, while the Advanced Coaching Centres and Regional Talent Clubs coach girls from U10 to U16.


The Girl’s Football in Schools Partnerships created this change-driven hashtag with the ultimate goal of ensuring young women and girls have access to equal opportunities to play football. This ambition spans across schools and clubs, with regular campaigning and events promoting the social, physical and mental health benefits of girls football. 

Featuring its own award ceremony known as the #letgirlsplay awards, this campaign is quickly gaining momentum, as well as recognition by an increasing number of schools across England. 

Mini soccer groups

A great opportunity to introduce girls to football from a young age, mini soccer runs across the country and is the perfect choice for those interested in playing football. Playing 5v5 or 7v7 football, these teams are suitable for girls aged 7-10. 

Youth teams 

In youth teams, girls aged 11-16 get the chance to play football at their nearest club on a weekly basis. Players can get involved in a range of girls football formats, including 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11, while making the most of the opportunity to gain invaluable practice before advancing in the sport. 


Girls Football Kits


At Avec Sport, we stock a range of unisex junior kits, ideal for girls to wear to their next football game. Customisable to display names, initials, club crests, and sponsorship logos, our junior kits bring a professional feel to youth teams. 

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Made from comfortable materials with sweat-wicking properties that will keep players dry throughout the match, the Focus Classic Jersey is another great choice here at Avec. The jersey is easy to move in, with raglan sleeves and a lightweight feel, allowing the best performance possible during the game, and the soft feel around the neck eliminates irritation, offering players optimum comfort for however long they choose to play.

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Get involved in youth girls football


Whether you’re a proud parent trying to find more ways of encouraging your daughter in her new-found hobby, or a coach joining the campaign effort to promote girls football in schools, there’s still plenty to be done to achieve equal access for girls football. Discover girls football kits from our unisex range at Avec Sport.